About Me

Hi! I’m Hank. Thanks for stopping by.

I am a book lover and writer. For the past four years, I have hosted a podcast about writing called Author Stories. You can find it at hankgarner.com. At the time of this writing, we were less than twenty episodes away from 500 episodes. I say we because my wife is my partner in the podcast and she has been instrumental in keeping the podcast going strong for so long. 

Author Stories focusses on writers and the creative process. I learned long ago that the things that make us different usually make us stronger, therefore we feature writers from every background and every genre. By getting the story behind their stories, and the story behind the storytellers, I believe that I have become a better writer.

This blog is a place for me to share things about the podcast, about my own writing, and just sound off about things I’m interested in. I geek out about writing tools and software, so I’ll be sharing about that. I love movies and books, so I’ll share what I’ve liked lately. who knows, I might even come up with something profound on a blue moon.